The Ruler

An Archetype of Influence


The Ruler, also known as the King, Queen, Boss, Leader among other names, stands for authority, control, and leadership.

The Ruler archetype embodies characteristics of power, influence, and responsibility. At its core, the Ruler archetype represents the desire for order and stability. Brands that align with this archetype convey a sense of leadership, confidence, and wisdom. They seek to establish authority within their industry and often attract customers/clients who aspire to be part of something greater.

The Ruler archetype is the epitome of authority. Brands adopting this archetype position themselves as industry leaders, guiding customers and setting the standards for others to follow.

The Ruler brand offers a sense of stability and reliability to consumers. They are perceived as trustworthy and consistent in their actions, instilling confidence in their products or services. They often have a grand vision and plan for the future. They are not just focused on short-term gains but aim to build lasting legacies. By conveying a sense of exclusivity and prestige, the Ruler Brand often positions itself as a high-end or luxury option. This makes them subliminally appealing to clients/customers who desire luxury and aspire to be part of an elite group.

By working with the Ruler Brand, clients/customers can gain self-confidence and boost their self-worth, while trusting that their experience with the brand will be reliable and predictable, leading to a sense of security and satisfaction because they are known for their commitment to excellence and their ability to deliver consistent results.

The most enchanting way to be consistent, congruent, and true to your gifts and strengths, in your branding is to infuse your brand with an archetype. What that means is: give your brand a personality. Your brand’s personality needs to be in alignment with what you bring to the table and what your ideal client desires.

Keep in mind… you cannot give what you do not have, so you must choose the right archetype for your brand. Your archetype is the hidden energy behind your brand. You don’t need to declare it publicly. You don’t need to talk about it with your prospects. Your archetype remains your guide, a point of reference and perspective, to help you know the right words, colors, images, products, services, pricing, etc. to use in your branding. Tiny nuances in your branding “speak” to your ideal clients and prospects.

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