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Why do YOU need Branding?

When you successfully attract and engage your ideal prospects with your first impression, you will open the door to opportunities to make LASTING impressions.

~Cheryl Craig


Why Enchant?

My process combines both traditional AND mystical techniques. I’ll reach into your soul, to uncover the brand within. Together, we’ll define your brand archetype, brand promise, color palette, key words, imagery… even your professional wardrobe, using my proprietary color & style analysis and branding system.

Why Personal AND Biz Branding?

Your personal enchanting qualities and those of your business should be in ALIGNMENT with each other, in complete harmony, otherwise there is an unsettling and perceivable disconnect.


“As an interior designer, I always thought I had a good sense of color. I thought I applied some of this sensibility into my wardrobe. Unfortunately, what I had in my closet was a sea of black clothes and some colors that I was never quite sure were right for me. Realizing that I am a Dazzling Radiance after taking the test, I began to work Cheryl’s Enchant Your Style program. I cleaned out my closet and only kept my color palette. The transformation began instantly. My entire wardrobe harmonized. I could get dressed in less than 10 minutes. Shopping became so easy and cost effective. I only brought home what was right for my radiance. I’ve received so many compliments on my appearance. I feel it in my own self­ confidence and as a result my business has increased. The ease I feel every day is so valuable to my well being. Thank you, Cheryl for such great insight. Can’t wait to learn more on how to continue to Radiate and be my best me.”

Ana Roberti

CEO & Senior Designer, Soulscape Interiors, Inc

“Thank you so much Cheryl! ­I love having a better understanding of my radiance and how to communicate that on an energetic, written and spoken way. ­This is just amazing! ­ A word to my fellow business owners – ­ if you have not done this work with Cheryl, you are missing an opportunity! This is not just about ‘dressing’. It is about connecting with your prospects, clients and others, in a way that is so brilliant! ­Remember, when you feel and look great, the energy that you radiate is so much more magnetic!”

Sabrina Teekah

Founder & CEO, Next Chapter by Design

“By going through the Enchant Your Brand program with Cheryl, I am now able to present my program and business to the world in a way that reflects who I am. I do not have to pretend to be an over the top rock star or a formal academic. I can just be me. I learned what my own strengths are and the ways I process information. I can now verbalize those on my website and throughout my marketing. My written words reflect my own natural way of thinking and speaking. I discovered what my personal brand looks and sounds like. Cheryl is a talented artist who can help you discover and create a brand that reflects the real you. She creates your brand with words, colors and designs that are congruent with who you are on the inside and out. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and fun to work with.”

Jill Bosman

Certified Professional Coach


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