Although Personal Branding has been around for many years, the term that has risen to great prominence in the small business and entrepreneurial awareness since around the early 2000’s. It has captured the attention of the masses and is certainly now, an essential marketing strategy of any intentionally successful business owner. Brand strategy is a marketing strategy when applied deliberately. When it’s not, it’s accidental at best. For those who don’t capture the true meaning of the strategy, the risk is fatal genericness.

There are a lot of definitions and interpretations of branding and marketing terms flying around. Some are mistakenly used interchangeably. So, to help you gain a better understanding, and to help you distinguish the differences between the most commonly used brand words, here are my definitions and interpretations of some basic brand terminology:


Brand ~ the spirit of your client experience. The essence of what your business stands for and it’s promises. The unique assets/value your biz brings to the table. The vibe of your biz. Your brand is not one or some, but all of these things.


Personal Brand ~  What you are known for as a person. Your personal style. The way you do things and how you come across. Your unique set of values and gifts that you offer the world. If you are an entrepreneur, your business is an extension/expansion of who you are, so it is essential that these attributes be infused into your Biz Brand, to maintain consistency and authenticity all the way around.


Brand Image ~ How your brand looks and feels to your prospects and clients. The way you show up, in the perception of your audience.


Brand Identity ~ The group/package of symbols that represent your brand  i.e.: colors, iconography, logo, key words, etc. The deliberate design intended to influence how your Brand Image is perceived.


Personal Brand Image ~ Your style and how you show up with regard to the way you dress, act, and speak. Elements such as: wardrobe, accessories, colors, hairstyles, makeup, body art, etc communicate “who you are”, to yourself and to the world.


Archetype ~ The voice, the perspective. The personality of your brand. “Who” your brand would be if it were a person.


In my process of brand discovery and development, I go deeper than identifying only one Archetype in your brand, because there are usually at least 2 or 3 at play. In addition to the dominant Archetype, we (you and me) uncover your main Influencing archetype (the style, the flair in which you do things within your biz) and your Driving Archetype ~ the thing that fuels you, that helps you bring out your gifts The reason you do what you do. I call it the Archetypal Triad or Archetypal Fusion, depending on whether there are 2 or 3 actively playing a role in a brand.


When choosing a Branding professional, you want to be sure they use a process that goes deep, so they can discover/uncover “who you are”, before creating your brand elements. Your brand should reflect your essence, so it comes across in all your points of contact with your target market, your prospects, your clients, and yourself.


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