It’s essential to know what your differentiators are, so you can reflect your uniqueness in your branding. If you don’t, you risk coming across as generic. And then, you become a commodity in the minds of your prospects. When you’re a commodity, the main thing your prospects have to compare you against your competition is price alone. And then it becomes a “who is cheapest” kind of comparison. I don’t know anyone who wants to be the cheapest.

Your differentiators are the unique qualities and irresistible assets that set you apart from others who offer the same things/services as you.
I owned sales and marketing agency for several years, where I represented several different companies who offered textiles to the interior design trade. One of them particularly, seemed to struggle with what their differentiators were. They were too busy circling the wagons and looking at what everyone else was doing instead of taking the time to look deeper into THEMSELVES to discover what made them unique. They were mainly focused on copy-catting what the bigger players in the industry we’re doing. At first glance, it seemed that they really didn’t even have a brand of their own. But actually they did. Their “brand” was what their clients and prospects said their brand was. They left it up to chance. Instead of deliberately crafting and communicating their brand, they “left it up” to their clients and prospects. And so their brand was seen as: “Call Me Generic”. Their brand disappeared into the sea of other textile companies. So as agents of this company, we and other agents who represented them, relied exclusively on our own branding and strategies to get them the visibility and attention they could not get on their own. But that doesn’t have to be your story.


You can craft an authentic Brand that represents your uniqueness if you will only take the time to take a closer look at what I call your Irresistible Brand Assets. Those are the things that make you stand out. Your differentiators. Your unique gifts and strengths. You need to know what they are, so that you can communicate your Unique Selling Proposition in your branding and marketing strategy.
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