The Innocent

Archetype of Principle


The Innocent, also known as The Pure One, The Maiden, The Princess, The Child, among other names, wants to please and do things right.

Optimistic and somewhat naïve, she seeks and evokes protection from others. She is sweet and demure, devoted and faithful, The Innocent represents honesty, virtue, and worthiness. She is Natural, wholesome, and trusting. She can be unwittingly lovely, gifted, and cherished.

The Innocent can sometimes express helplessness or neediness, but with influenced by other archetypes, she can be the breath of fresh air, the inspiration, or the catalyst for a heart to open where it was once closed to love, possibility, or connection to the divine or source energy. Honorable and righteous, the Innocent can counter the harshness and corruption that is present in the world.

The most enchanting way to be consistent, congruent, and true to your gifts and strengths, in your branding is to infuse your brand with an archetype. What that means is: give your brand a personality. Your brand’s personality needs to be in alignment with what you bring to the table and what your ideal client desires.

Keep in mind… you cannot give what you do not have, so it’s important that you choose the right archetype for your brand. Your archetype is the hidden energy behind your brand. You don’t need to declare it publicly. You don’t need to talk about it with your prospects. Your archetype remains your guide, a point of reference and perspective, to help you know the right words, colors, images, products, services, pricing, etc. to use in your branding. Tiny nuances in your branding “speak” to your ideal clients and prospects.

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