The Artist

An Archetype of Possibility…


The Artist, also known as The Creator, The Innovator, The Visionary, among other names, brings ideas to life.

She has a constant flow of ideas and inspirations that lead her to create new experiences or solve problems.

Great at troubleshooting, The Artist can see many possibilities and perspectives and offer an array of solutions. She is able to focus on the outcome she seeks until it comes to fruition. She is resourceful and imaginative, lending new thoughts to bring things out of the status quo. When influenced by other archetypes (which we will explore in another post), she is able to use their energy to fuel her creative ideas, bringing them to life in a more dynamic way.

The Artist Brand is committed to fostering artistic expression. They guide their clients in the pursuit of innovation, invention, and self-expression. The brand represents the spirit of design, beauty, and imagination. They harness their creative abilities to help their clients achieve their desired functionality, results, and aesthetics.

The most enchanting way to be consistent, congruent, and true to your gifts and strengths, in your branding is to infuse your brand with an archetype. What that means is: give your brand a personality. Your brand’s personality needs to be in alignment with what you bring to the table and what your ideal client desires.

Keep in mind… you cannot give what you do not have, so it’s important that you choose the right archetype for your brand. Your archetype is the hidden energy behind your brand. You don’t need to declare it publicly. You don’t need to talk about it with your prospects. Your archetype remains your guide, a point of reference and perspective, to help you know the right words, colors, images, products, services, pricing, etc. to use in your branding. Tiny nuances in your branding “speak” to your ideal clients and prospects.

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