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It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, so naturally, I’m inspired to crush on Emerald Green today.  A color that has strong symbolism for many ‘o people.

For me, it conjures images of saturated grassy hills sprinkled with clover and rich, lush forests where I might stumble upon a hidden garden, wherein lies a secret treasure of crystals and gemstones.

And of course, the ever magical Emerald. Or maybe I might get lost in a reverie of a curly red-haired woman draped in a loden cloak, pinned at the shoulder with a gorgeous Emerald brooch.

To achieve the color Emerald for printed items, an artist specifies a combination of strong yellow and cyan with a hint of magenta and a moderate dose of black inks or toners.

What that says to me, is that it’s a rich color, pulling from all dimensions. A saturated color, with black added to give it depth.

Emerald green is the color of the heart chakra. It’s no wonder it has been imbued with healing vibrations.

Rich, deep, penetrating. Capable of reaching the depths of the heart. Opening the heart… A color worthy of meditating on, to be sure.

(The following are the exact words that came to me from the meditation that I slipped into while I was writing this color analysis. So it may be a bit on the esoteric side, but explains why it reads as it does. As I was working on this, I closed my eyes and typed away…)

Reaching into the color Emerald, I am opened to my connection to creation. Energetically, it’s a strong color that pulls me in, so that I may transcend current negative emotions.

How interesting to me, that I feel this pulling inward. Not like a forceful pulling, not exactly magnetic, but sort of. More like an opening, a welcoming that draws my desire to connect with the part of me that awaits on the other side of the color so that I may rest in its comfort, magic, and origin of my soul.

The color of Genesis. Oh, wow, I’m getting really deep here in this soul connection to the color Emerald, that I was not ever aware of before.

As I imagine the color in my mind’s eye, I also place my attention on my heart so as to connect the vastness of the beauty of this color to my heart and feel the healing quality of it, acknowledging its power.

My emotions are stirred. And here I thought I was going to be skirting lightly around images of shamrocks and leprechauns.

I now understand the magical implications of this color and am truly in awe of a color that I was not before, particularly attracted to. I have a whole new appreciation for this rich, healing, and vast color, Emerald.

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Some words for the symbolism of Emerald:

  • Life
  • Healing
  • Fertility
  • Growth
  • Heart
  • Renewal
  • Peace
  • Balance
  • Connection
  • Essence
  • Presence
  • Being
  • Diplomacy
  • I am
  • Centered

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