Believe it or not, these Color Crush color analyses and interpretations take me a couple of hours at a minimum. Usually about 3. I refresh my research, create a Pinterest Board to go with the color, and then do a meditation to “tune in” to the color for the energetic expression and imagery I need for the article. Oh, and of course, I must consider a few distractions here and there.

Whew! So I need a chunk of time to do it. Amber, a very special lady in our family asked me if I’d crush on the color Amber. Immediately, I got some imagery and even some aromas! Wow, I did not expect aromas! So, Amber, this one’s for you.

Here is my analysis of the color Amber:

Amber is halfway between yellow and orange on the color wheel. The color was named after the actual substance of amber, which is fossilized tree resin, and is mined from the earth. Because of its natural origin, there are many color variations of amber, and so when we describe Amber, the color can be described as a yellow-orange, a warmed caramel-like color, orangey-yellow, a golden orange,  etc., and many shades with brown added. So, when I speak of Amber the color, I don’t usually refer to the EXACT color as it is on the color wheel, but a collection of all the nuances of the color.

Rich, dynamic, and earthy, the color Amber is illuminated with drops of reflected sunlight. It is infused with powerful energy. In its common application of shades, tints, and tones, it has a more subdued, even though strong, energetic vibe. The power of orange gives strength to the yellow, while the yellow adds an awareness of self to the color. Both the orange and yellow bring a vibrant warmth, but when Amber is toned or shaded with hints of earthy brown, the high energy of the color is tempered.

Amber has an outward energy, like the rays of the sun. Tones, tints, and shades are less forceful. Imagine the rays of the sun, late in the afternoon, strong, yet slightly subdued. The rays emanate in all directions from their source. It can have a mysterious quality to it as it has so many variations and subtleties within the color, just like a flame. Hard to describe in one hue. The actual chroma/hue of Amber on the color wheel is particularly strong and may evoke too much energy for many people. That is why the color is often shaded, toned, or tinted. Amber in all its nuances is the “collective” color (group of colors) that we use and embrace to add spice to our wardrobes, jewelry, and home fashions.

When I think of Amber, I am immediately transcended to a world of ancient visions where amulets and sacred stones are used for their secret powers. The aromas of sandalwood and curry drift into my imagination. And maybe even patchouli when I consider a deep rich shade of Amber. I imagine holding sacred stones and wearing a most opulent large pendant of sterling and Amber, shaped in an oval, like a scarab with metalwork details framing the stone. A pocket of uncut gems that have a rich dimension and reflect the sun when I take them out to look at them. I feel as if I’m called to a world where a woman would dress in beautiful shades of coarse silk and wear an intricate henna design on her hand, going up her arm to meet a gorgeous bracelet worn on the upper arm. And brown leather sandals that lace up the leg. The vitality of the color adds to her self-confidence.

Amber speaks of rich, pungent, and warm energy that makes a lasting impression. It reaches deep into my soul which neither orange nor yellow could do on their own.

Some words for the symbolism of Amber:

  • Warm
  • Energy
  • Vitality
  • Attraction
  • Strength
  • Determination
  • Awareness
  • Active
  • Sunshine
  • Fire
  • Wisdom
  • Perception
  • Pungent
  • Spicy
  • Strong

To see more beautiful images representing the color Amber, check out my Pinterest board:

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