A St. Patrick’s Day Post 😉

  • Tip #1. Be Consistent~

Marketing only when you need clients gets “feast or famine” results. Consistent marketing gets consistent results. It is said that it takes 7-12 marketing touches to get noticed and develop your prospects’ trust.

  • Tip #2. Use Brand Strategy~

Infuse the essence of your brand promise, your prospect’s desired outcome or experience, into your marketing messages. It helps you subliminally attract your ideal prospects!

  • Tip #3. Make An Irresistible Offer~

Entice prospects with offers that answer their core desires or solve an immediate problem.

  • Tip #4. Have a Call to Action~

Know what you want clients and prospects to do, and tell them the next step to take. Please don’t leave them wondering how to get more information, a sample, sign up, etc.

  • Tip #5. Make Time For Marketing~

Marketing is equally as important as the services or products you provide. If no one knows about you, you aren’t going to sell very much. Schedule at least one day a week for marketing activities.

  • Bonus Tip: Hire a Marketing Coach or Partner~

A marketing coach or partner will help you keep your momentum, keep you accountable, and show you where to focus your marketing energy. (Remember, even the best performers, athletes, and marketers have coaches.)

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