Have you ever wondered why you aren’t getting paid what you are worth? You notice other people who offer the very same products and services as you, getting paid a whole lot more; even though you are just as talented and experienced. What gives?

1. Your Brand Image does not match your pricing

2.Your Presentation does not meet the client’s expectations, answer their problems, or  speak to their desires

3. You are self conscious when quoting  prices

4. You don’t have strong boundaries around pricing

5. You don’t have a consistent system for pricing

Take a look at each of these scenarios to find out if any of these could be the reason you aren’t making what you deserve. If you’re not sure, ask a trusted partner, friend, coach who understands your business for a little friendly evaluation.

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About the author: Cheryl Craig is a  marketing muse who helps solo-entrepreneurs uncover and activate their unique and intuitive business charms so they can design a signature brand that reflects their individuality and resonates with the clients they want to attract. Cheryl’s website: enchantyourbrand.com

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