What do black cats, bats, and pumpkins have to do with branding? Well, let me ask you this… What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see bats and pumpkins together? Or cats and pumpkins? Or cats hunching their backs while walking on a fence under the moon? Or what about purple, black, and orange—together? Or even the words: “trick or treat”?

Halloween, right? Your brain has already stored the branding for the holiday of Halloween. If you’re like me, when you see those images, you conjure thoughts of Hershey bars, Kit Kats, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, elaborate costumes, the smell of the crisp autumn air, and the sound of the leaves underfoot. But if you are one of my grandchildren, you might be imagining yourself holding a bag full of Smarties, Tootsie Rolls, and Nerds, while you giggle with family and friends as you go trick or treating from door to door, delightfully donning your favorite character’s costume.

Either way, it doesn’t take much for your brain to have a full-on Halloween experience in your mind just because you saw some cats, bats, and pumpkins, or the combination of the colors purple, black, and orange.

The same holds true for your brand. People associate your brand colors, images, and words with your brand experience. And because those things increase brand recognition by your prospects and clients, you want to be sure to choose elements that represent your brand, appropriately.

Learning about the psychology of color and the human response to color is important. Keep in mind that color meanings vary from culture to culture. A specific color doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. However… color does have a vibration that communicates a message. Not every shade of a color “speaks” the same message. For instance, purple is known to represent royalty, regality, prestige, intuition, and spirituality. But a bright and intense purple doesn’t necessarily offer that vibe.

The images you use in your branding should also “speak” your brand image and your brand promise so your ideal client “gets” you.