1. Get their ATTENTION

  1. RESONATE with them
  2. Be BELIEVE-able
  3. Satisfy their CRAVING
  4. Make them hunger for MORE

Have you ever wished you had a little magic to attract more prospects and clients? Well, actually… you do.  It’s inside of you, and more accessible than you may think it is. So what’s keeping that magic hidden from yourself? YOU. Instead of trying to be who you think others expect you to be, let the truth of who you are shine, so they can’t help but see you in all your magical charm. Experiencing the truth of who you are and what you stand for, and what you offer, helps prospects feel that “knowing” they need, to make a decision to work with you. Or not. (If they choose the latter, that’s cool too. They weren’t meant for you.)

So here is the recipe for an Enchanting Brand Spell:

Your target audience must NOTICE you. But how do you get their ATTENTION? Use captivating images, colors and words to express your compelling message. Step out into the light, so you can be seen. That means increase your chances for visibility. When looking for a mate, people (and animals, for that matter) don’t let themselves remain hiding to their prospects. They position themselves to be in proximity of potential mates. They make sure they look their best. You and your brand should do no less to attract potential clients.

Your prospects and clients must RESONATE with you. Should you try to match their vibe? Here’s the secret: Don’t try to match it. Discover your own vibe, and express it thoroughly, yet in a subtle way, so you are “speaking” to your ideal prospects in a way they understand on a subconscious level. That is done through the use of subliminal brand elements like: key words, colors, imagery, sounds, perspective, style, results… When ideal prospects sense that they are in harmony with you/your brand, their “antennae” go up, and they realize that they are in a natural resonance with YOU.

Now that you have their attention and sparked their curiosity, make them BELIEVE in you. Increase your credibility. This is how: Be true to who you are. Know what you stand for and what you offer. Invest in your first and last-ing impressions by understanding your brand and the way it represents you in an authentic way. And don’t forget to dress in a way that harmonizes with your personal Radiance™!

Most importantly, they must CRAVE what you offer, and you MUST satisfy that craving. Here is how you do it (Another secret no one is telling you): Use your irresistible assets (natural gifts, strengths, talents) that you are uniquely endowed with, and ARE what your ideal prospects crave. YOUR ideal prospects are looking for what YOU have to offer.  If a prospect isn’t wanting what you have to offer, they are not your ideal prospect. They are someone else’s. It’s really that simple. Leave them gratified by making them a compelling offer and then delivering on it.

And lastly, even though they are satisfied, you want them to hunger for even MORE. How can you make them hunger for more if they are already satisfied? Hmmm. Dessert, anyone? Offer them something else after they are finished with the current “dish”.  Something even more special. It could be an exclusive offer at the end of a program, something that coordinates with or adds to what they already purchased or signed up for. Maybe it’s a bigger or more extensive (and expensive) program. Maybe it’s just a small treat (like dessert), but highly valued. Stay in touch with them, so you are in a position to make these desirable offers. Keep them close via email, direct mail, social media posts, tweets, scopes, what have you.

Here’s the summary if you want to cast a brand spell:

  1. They must NOTICE you.
  1. They must RESONATE with you.
  1. They must BELIEVE you.
  1. They must CRAVE what you offer.
  1. Even though satisfied, they must hunger for even MORE.

Enchanting Subliminal Brand Elements:

  1. Key Words
  2. Colors
  3. Imagery (images/ iconography/fonts)
  4. Sounds (music/your voice/etc)
  5. Perspective (archetype)
  6. Style (the way you combine elements)
  7. Results /Before & After/Testimonials/ Case Studies/ Portfolio

Warning: Never use subliminal brand elements that are not genuine to who you are. Using subliminals that are not natural to you will not only fail your prospects and clients, they will fail you as well. Each of us is endowed with our most treasured and beautiful gifts to bless others with. Don’t try to give gifts that are not yours to give. You cannot give what you do not have. That is why it is so important to know who you are, what you stand for, what you have to offer (and who craves it), before you can attract prospects and clients who you are meant to serve.

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