Wouldn’t it be wonderful to possess a little bit of magic that could effortlessly attract more prospects and clients to your business? Well, I am here to tell you that this magic actually resides within you, and it is more attainable than you might think. The only reason this magic seems hidden is because you have yet to fully embrace it.

Rather than trying to conform to others’ expectations, it is crucial to let your true self shine bright. When you authentically express who you are, prospects will naturally gravitate toward your unique charm. By establishing a genuine connection, prospects will feel empowered to make informed decisions about whether or not to work with you. And if they decide not to, that is perfectly fine. They were simply not meant to be part of your journey.

Now, how can you channel this enchanting brand spell? Allow me to provide you with the recipe:

First, you need to capture the ATTENTION of your target audience. Utilize captivating visuals, colors, and language that effectively convey your compelling message. Enhance your visibility and present yourself in the most favorable, authentic light possible, just as birds display their best qualities when seeking a mate.

Next, it is essential to establish a RESONANCE with your prospects. Instead of trying to figure our and mimic their vibe, discover your own and subtly express it in a manner that resonates with their subconscious. This can be achieved by incorporating subliminal brand elements such as keywords, colors, imagery, and more. When prospects naturally align with your brand, they are more likely to be drawn toward it.

Once you have captured their attention and awakened resonance, it is time to enhance your CREDIBILITY. Stay true to your values, be clear on what you stand for, and invest in the authentic representation of your brand with your marketing materials and digital assets. Additionally, ensure that your personal style harmonizes with your business’ brand.

Leverage your unique strengths, talents, and natural gifts to build trust in your ability to deliver what you offer.

Satisfy their CRAVING by creating a compelling offer and ensuring that its delivery exceeds expectations.

And lastly, even though they are satisfied, you want them to hunger for even MORE. How can you make them hunger for more if they are already satisfied? Hmmm. Dessert, anyone? Offer them something else after they are finished with the current “dish”.  

Something even more special~ it could be an exclusive offer at the end of a program, something that coordinates with or adds to what they already purchased or signed up for. Maybe it’s a bigger or more extensive (and expensive) program.

Maybe it’s just a small treat (like dessert), but highly valued. Stay in touch with them, so you are in a position to make these desirable offers. Keep them close via email, direct mail, social media posts, tweets, reels, etc.

To summarize, casting a brand spell requires you to attract ATTENTION, RESONATE with prospects, establish BELIEF in your offerings, evoke DESIRE for what you provide, and keep clients hungry for more.

Utilize subliminal brand elements, such as keywords, colors, imagery, sounds, perspective, style, and results, to enhance the allure of your brand.

However, it is crucial to remain genuine and true to yourself. You possess unique gifts that can positively impact others, so refrain from offering something that is not yours to give. Understand your identity, stand firmly by your values, and KNOW the value you bring before attracting the prospects and clients you are meant to serve. 

If a prospect does not desire your offerings, they are not your ideal client; they are meant for someone else.

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