I have some biz friends whose signature color is Magenta (aka Hot Pink). Certainly well befitting their personalities as independent, determined, and powerful entrepreneurs, it is a surprisingly formidable color. Magenta is a vivacious pure hue. It is a primary color on the Ives Color Wheel. It’s electric, exotic and hot. Magenta is a color of action, of making things happen. It’s feminine and fashionable, yet dynamically powered with strength, energy, and movement.

If you associate yourself with Magenta… rather, if it’s the color you would choose to communicate who you are, you would be telling me that you are bold, fearless, take action kind of person, but fun and feminine, (or artistic) at the same time. You enjoy femininity and its divine strength. You love making things happen, getting noticed, and reveling in the strong aspects of your spirit. Beauty is important to you, yet you are a force to be reckoned with. Magenta does not go unnoticed. It speaks loudly without saying a word.

When I think of Magenta, I am aware of an energetic shift in my soul. A higher, hotter, faster vibration of energy is ignited within my cells. I want to be bold and step out of my comfort zone. I want to claim my feminine power and am reminded of how exciting it is to be a woman. I realize there is no stopping me when I allow the energy of Magenta to reach my intentions. I am aware that because Magenta has a feminine quality, it can open doors to the masculine dimensions, where other hues of pink may elicit disinterest or passive invitation. Although it’s not soft, it isn’t harsh. It is pure in all its vibrancy. No subtlety, no indifference. Magenta is an ambitious color. It has an agenda, a purpose, a reason to call out and demand attention. If there were no other language than color, Magenta is the color I would use to tell you that I feel vibrant! It feels like energy sparks for my more subdued nature. For me, it is a perfect color to encourage a positive attitude when things seem daunting.

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Some words for the symbolism of Magenta:

  • Feminine
  • Energy
  • Self-Worth
  • Beauty
  • Playful
  • Fashion
  • Vibrant
  • Electric
  • Vivacious
  • Non-conforming
  • Happy
  • Fun
  • Exotic
  • Festive
  • Ambition

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