Enchant Your Style Workshop

The Enchant Your Style Workshop is perfect if you not only want to get started using the hidden power of  color and style to enhance your personal brand image, but want to know which styles, accessories and jewelry harmonize best with your personal Radiance. The colors and styles you wear can either diminish or amplify your personal energetic expression. Everything has a vibration. It is measurable. Even if it’s invisible, it is perceivable. The vibration of what you wear should be in harmony with who you are. Be deliberate in how you  “package” yourself. For detailed description of what’s included, read the details below.


Workshops for Groups of 3 – 10 People Include:


Radiance Assessment™

Discover what your invisible energy and your elemental expression (your physical features) are saying about you.    

  • Online Assessment –Unlock Your Personal Magnetism
  • Instant Downloadable Report

Color Analysis   

  • Your answers to the Personal Magnetism assessment, your Radiance Report™, and a 45 minute intuitive analysis, will determine which colors harmonize best with your personal energy.

Online Wardrobe Inspirations

Visuals to help you learn what styles work with your Radiance™, will inspire you as you curate your own Personal Brand with an Enchanting Wardrobe. Get ideas of how to creatively put wardrobe pieces together that you might not have considered before via links to:

  • Online Style and Color Boards
  • Online Wardrobe Sets and Collections

Enchant Your Style™ Essentials Kit Including:

  • Your Enchanting Color Palette for your specific Radiance Mailed directly to your door!
    • Over 100 colors that harmonize with your natural Radiance™
    • Beautiful, durable, luxury finish tri-fold card with clear protective sleeve to keep in your handbag so you’ll always have it handy when shopping for clothes, accessories, makeup, handbags and shoes
    • Includes Mini Style Guide
    • Take with you when shopping for wardrobe pieces
    • Makes shopping for the right colors so much easier
  • Style & Design Guide (pdf download)
  • Enchant Your Closet Checklist-to help you fill in the missing wardrobe pieces (pdf download)
  • Crush Your Closet Challenge & Blueprint- to help you edit and organize your wardrobe (pdf download)
  • Introduction and links to the tools I use to create a signature brand, to use when creating your own
  • Exclusive membership to The Enchantmosphere™
    • Secret Facebook group where my muses and I share inspirations, suggestions, ideas, about how to wear your enchanting colors and styles,
    • Personal branding tips, ideas, strategies, and finds
    •  Pinterest Boards specific to your Radiance

Group Training ~Specific to YOUR Radiance

  • Module 1 ~ Advanced Colors & Styles
    • Get a complete understanding of using your Enchanting Colors and colors that are at the “edge” of your Radiance.
    • We go deeper into the fabrics, patterns, textures, and design of your Enchanting wardrobe pieces
  • Module 2 ~ Accessories
    • Hats & Scarves
    • Eyewear
    • Belts
    • Tech cases, Umbrellas, Fitness Gear and Portfolios
  • Module 3~ Shoes & Bags
    • Shoes, boots, sandals
    • Handbags & Briefcases
  • Module 4~ Jewelry & Metals
    • Styles and Shapes
    • Metals
    • Colors
    • Finishes
  • Module 5~ Hairstyles, Hair Colors, Makeup & Nails
    • Hairstyles in a variety of lengths and textures
    • Hair Colors that work with your Radiance
  • Module 6 ~ Shopping and Working with Stylists
    • How to use your Enchanting colors when working with Hairstylists, Makeup Artists, Fashion Stylists, and Image Consultants
    • How to shop your Enchanting colors and styles in your favorite stores, boutiques, and shops
    • Intro to Signature Brand Design (creating a style that’s all your own, using your Enchanting Colors and Styles)