Your Products & Services

The Your Products & Services workshop is perfect for you if you are either new in biz, transforming your biz, or having trouble figuring out what you want to offer or how to deliver it to your clients. You may even be experiencing low profit margins on certain products/services. If so, we’ll ferret them out with an easy analysis, so you can decide if you want to change things up so you can increase your profit margins and sell what brings you the most return on your investment of time and resources.


Your Products & Services ~ What’s on Your Menu?

You Will Define:

  • Your Prospects’ Problems & Pains
  • Your Solutions
  • Your Prospects’ Desires & Cravings
  • Your Products & Services that answer to those desires & cravings

You Will Learn:

  • How to know YOUR Ideal Prospects’ Pains
  • How to price your products & services
  • How to decide which products & services you should offer
  • How to decide which products & services are not worth your time

What You’ll Get:

  • Virtual Online Training Workshop
  • Downloadable PDF Worksheets
  • Products & Services Analysis Chart
  • Real world examples you can use to model for yourself